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Things are heating up!

It might be cool outdoors, but things are heating up inside with the start of our growing season.

At this time of year, I often get asked what I do during the winter while waiting to grow plants. Well, the short answer is - I grow plants. Yep, we start now! In greenhouse lingo it's week 6 on the planning calendar and my first unrooted plant cuttings have arrived over the past two weeks. Just over 3500 beautiful little Regal Geraniums and 9500 spring annuals made the 24 hr trip to cold Canada from much warmer climates. We 'stick' them by settling each stem into tiny soil pots that sit for several weeks on heated tables. In no time fresh new roots develop and a garden star is born!

Ain't nature grand? Tiny little tip cuttings from halfway around the world grow into the amazing color and beauty that you crave in spring.

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