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Meet the Tyndles!

Meet two of our loyal, amazing customers, Gord and Roxanne Tyndle of Edmonton! These loyal regulars at Thiel's have both been planting with their parents and grandparents from a young age. Gord recalls visiting Thiel's as a boy on a regular basis in the spring with his grandparents, parents, and aunt. Together, they have been visiting Thiel's for 14 years! They enjoy coming to Thiel's as a great stress reliever from work, and enjoy sitting outside in the tranquility of their plants as a way to slow down the day.

For the past several years, the Tyndles have been interested in growing fresh produce in containers, as it suits the limitations of their yard. They also experiment with different flowers every year. Gord was an avid fan of hanging fuschias for close to 20 years, but last year they bought Belleconia Begonias, and those are now the plant of choice for their hanging baskets in their home. Gord is partial to petunias, and Roxanne enjoys growing tomato plants of all varieties.

"We really appreciate Nadine and her staff. It feels like coming home whenever we visit! Thiel's has been our greenhouse of choice for many years, and we look forward to our visits for many years to come!"

Thanks, Gord and Roxanne! We are lucky to have amazing customers like you.

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